Avoid These Mistakes

As North America’s largest rental equipment network, we have seen many mistakes over the years, and we know they can be costly for construction companies. To help you save time and money, we’ve established the top 10 mistakes to avoid when renting construction equipment.

  1. Don’t set your rental dates in stone

Delivery and pick-up charges are the same whether you rent for a single day or for a week. Also, you could end up needing the equipment at a different worksite the very next day or experiencing a weather delay, resulting in double charges if you can’t work on your specific dates. Rental companies tend to offer discounts for longer term rentals, making it cheaper to rent a machine for four days or a week instead of just for one day.

  1. Use the right equipment for the job

Realizing that you should have rented the track loader rather than the wheeled backhoe due to soil condition can be an expensive mistake. Make sure you take all factors into consideration when renting equipment because different machines can do similar jobs but have their own specific characteristics. This can drastically impact your worksite productivity.

  1. Use the right-sized accessory for the equipment

Make sure the accessory you plan to rent is the correct size for your machine. Accessories that are the wrong size can not only affect worksite productivity, but can also jeopardize worker safety.

  1. Don’t overestimate the equipment you need to get the job done

Do you really need a 2400-2999-lb track loader to get your job done, or would a 1300-1600-lb model be adequate? Overestimating the equipment you need will always cost you more.

  1. Handle your own refuelling

The rental company will always charge an additional refueling fee. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, make sure you refuel your rental equipment yourself using the correct fuel type, which is most often diesel.

  1. Don’t skip the insurance

Make sure to ask your rental company if the rental costs include insurance or if you need to contact an insurance agent to cover the equipment during the rental period. Imagine having to cover the cost of an aerial lift you’ve only used for four days?

  1. Give clear delivery instructions

Vague or wrong delivery instructions can not only be frustrating for the driver, but can also result in additional charges or even delays for your worksite operations. Trust us – you don’t want to find out that your boom lift was delivered across the street and that you now need to call a new carrier to move it 25 meters.

  1. Take the operator’s training and safety concerns into consideration

Your ROI on rented equipment will always be tied to its operator’s qualifications. Making sure they have the necessary training will ensure its optimal use and the safety of everyone on the worksite.

  1. Don’t try to save a few bucks by using poor quality equipment

It’s no secret – construction equipment is expensive! However, trying to save money by using poor quality equipment can end up costing more down the road – and will directly impact your productivity.

  1. Take into consideration the construction timeline vs. the rental timeline

Be sure to take into consideration your construction timeline when planning equipment rentals and to allow for buffer days to avoid rushing or delaying certain activities due to unforeseen circumstances.

Avoiding these mistakes can save you a lot of time and money while ensuring the productivity of your worksite. This checklist will help you make strategic assessment of what equipment you need and exactly when you need it.

It’s our mission to help our customer get the most of their rental and we will always be there to offer you Guarantee Availability & Delivery of the equipment you need. So don’t hesitate to connect with us to talk about your worksite needs.

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