Meet the Founders

Did you know that RentAll Construction is a Montreal-based company? It all started when two childhood friends, Steven Rassi and Luke Elliott, pooled their expertise in sales and construction to satisfy an urgent need for the rental and delivery of equipment to construction sites. Ever since, RentAll Construction has developed a unique expertise and is in the throes of becoming the frontrunner of the North American equipment rental industry.

Buddies ever since their first French teamwork exercise in high school, Steven and Luke forged a partnership that led to the creation of RentAll Construction in 2018 and its success today.

Steven Rassi pursued his studies in marketing and finance at John Molson School of Business in Montreal, a period during which he gained valuable customer service experience working at Lululemon. Climbing the Canadian company’s ranks to become store manager, he continued to gain training in sales and personnel management over the years before becoming a representative at Pepsi.

Luke Elliott moved to Halifax to complete his engineering studies at Dalhousie University and gained many years of experience as a project manager for Havecon, one of the biggest greenhouse companies in the world. Because, among other things, he was responsible for locating machinery and tools for project sites, he realized that supply was a complex step in production flow. Doing business with a single supplier no longer satisfied the company’s diverse – and sometimes last-minute – needs.

RentAll Construction was created from this realization: for a construction site to be efficient, it needs the proper equipment to be in the right place at the right time. With an innovative business plan and excellent partner network, Steven and Luke created a rental platform comprising numerous suppliers across North America, changing the game for the equipment rental industry. In 2018, in tandem with their respective jobs, they began making sales and generating success. A few months later, in 2019, the company had grown to the extent that the two friends decided to fully dedicate themselves to RentAll Construction.

In early 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Quebec and Ontario were harshly impacted by the strict health restrictions due to their increased Covid-19 cases. Construction sites were closed for weeks, and the entire industry was put on hold. In British Columbia, however, things were different. Because everything remained open, Steven and Luke were able to take the opportunity to forge ties throughout the province. These business liaisons have since multiplied, making RentAll Construction a nationally recognized brand today.

In 2022, RentAll Construction is beginning its U.S. expansion across Texas and Florida, where the construction market is thriving. Offering GAD-certified services (Guaranteed Availability and Delivery), the company is making inroads and gradually becoming indispensable to contractors who are looking for a better experience when it comes to renting construction site equipment.

Every day, RentAll Construction allows contractors and individuals to optimize their sites thanks to their one-stop-shop style tool and equipment rental platform. This innovative approach is in RentAll Construction’s DNA. Let’s bet their mobile app will soon be on the smartphone of every contractor who’s looking to level up.

RentAll Construction is a true leader of the renting equipment industry. Operating North America’s largest equipment rental network, we offer contractors a seamless procurement strategy through our GAD-certified services. Yes, we rent equipment and tools but more importantly, we provide a solid reliability and time-saving opportunities to do more with your business. We allow contractors to get out n’ get it