From Rental Strategies to GAD Services

Here at RentAll Construction, we aren’t just the middleman. Whether the order you placed is big or small, we make sure to ask all the right questions so we can pass on all the useful information to you. But what does that mean? It means standardization is the way to go. Bear with us while we explain.

It doesn’t matter whether you own the machinery or you rent it: equipment can still break and slow down your project. And we all know downtime is expensive. So how do you prevent this from happening? It’s simple: choose RentAll Construction. Before it’s even delivered to you via our GAD certified services, we go over each piece of equipment you booked and examine its components to see whether they’re standardized, which ones last longest and whether they’re easy to acquire if needed.

By doing this, everybody wins. Manufacturers can anticipate the supply and demand of the market, and customers can plan and maximize their workflow. Our process is simple. First, to ensure efficiency, we make sure the components are high quality. This will guarantee an overall better usage and performance of your machinery. Second, we specify the components required. This results in increased productivity. When a piece of machinery breaks down, the whole project can be put on hold, forcing project managers to push back deadlines and lose money. Component standardization simplifies maintenance and repair. Third, we make sure everything is up to date. The construction world is ever evolving. As companies become more environmentally conscious and aim for sustainability, the machinery becomes more regulated. We all need to follow the new standards for more eco-friendly components and be mindful of which manufacturers have the same level of commitment towards the reduction of emissions and durability of components.

See? We demand standardized components because it’s the smart thing to do. Being able to predict potential issues will allow you to maximize your time and save money. It’s also how we build a more sustainable world.

You’ll thank us, we guarantee it.

RentAll Construction is a true leader of the renting equipment industry. Operating North America’s largest equipment rental network, we offer contractors a seamless procurement strategy through our GAD-certified services. Yes, we rent equipment and tools but more importantly, we provide a solid reliability and time-saving opportunities to do more with your business. We allow contractors to get out n’ get it