The Telehandler: The Most Versatile Machine in Construction

The telehandler is a hybrid crane-forklift that is easily one of the most popular machines in the construction industry. Also known as a reach forklift or zoom boom, the telehandler is mainly used for various hoisting applications.

History of the Telehandler

Pioneered by the British company Matbro, this machine first hit the scene in the early 1970s. A modified version of Matbro’s articulated cross-country forestry forklift, the design was quickly adopted by leading manufacturers around the world—such as JLG, Manitou, and Bobcat. But the most well-known of today’s telehandler manufacturers is JCB, which debuted its first telehandler model in the late 1970s.

JCB telehandler machine

Benefits of this Machine

Offering more reach and power than a traditional forklift, adding a telehandler to your construction equipment fleet has its benefits. Need a machine that can handle both on-road and off-road driving? Look no further than the telehandler’s four-wheel-drive functionality. This feature allows it to drive on even the roughest of terrains. The telehandler is also stronger than similar-sized cranes and forklifts. It can lift several tons worth of material at once. Plus, its far-reaching telescopic boom can move loads around without needing the vehicle to move backward or forward. But what makes it so versatile is its vast array of attachments, which allow it to perform many different jobs.

Telehandler Machine

Telehandler Uses

The various applications of the telehandler will make it feel like you’re using many machines in one. Here are a few examples of its immense versatility:

  • Lift and move dirt or gravel with the utility bucket attachment.
  • Use the concrete bucket attachment to send mixed concrete up to a high area. This comes in handy when you don’t have access to a concrete pump.
  • Transport long material without the risk of bending or breakage through the use of the spreader bar attachment.
  • Move around paletted material or cubes of brick with the pallet fork or cubing fork.
  • Attach a work platform to safely hoist your workers up to complete a job at a height.
  • Dig deep holes into the ground with the auger attachment.
  • Extend the machine’s reach even further through the use of a mast attachment.
  • Transport a multitude of material with the standard carriage, swing carriage, or side tilt carriage attachments.
  • Move large, flat sheets of material with the sheet material handler attachment.

As you can see, renting a telehandler can help your team get a multitude of jobs done quickly and efficiently. Using RentAll Constuction Inc. can even guarantee you availability whenever and wherever you need this machine—saving you time and money!

Which telehandler attachment is a favourite to use on your worksite? Let us know in the comments below.