Introducing the RentAll Mobile App

RentAll Construction is excited to officially announce the launch of our new mobile application!

Workers show up to job sites to develop meaningful construction projects that are often met with many challenges. We are the first startup model to address these challenges, which have allowed construction workers to become more attuned to effective working on-site strategies. Part of our process has entailed conceptualizing a mobile app with all-in-one features for easier and faster rental equipment management – designed with both the busy workers on the job site as well as back-office employees in mind.

Building a full-fledge mobile app, for download on the App Store and Google Play, over a web-based app was a critical decision for us. We wanted workers to be able to quickly and conveniently pull up the app from their device, on-demand, rather than wasting valuable time typing web addresses in their phone’s browser. Building a mobile app also allowed us to conceptualize a way to make managing equipment even easier through RentAll Voice Assist (which we’ll go into more detail shortly). 

Here is a short list of features the RentAll mobile app offers:

  • View and manage your rental items
  • Place service calls
  • Request pickups
  • Create reservations from our 1,500+ equipment catalogue

Additionally, with RentAll voice assist, you can create reservations and manage your fleet without having to navigate through buttons. These tedious functions are now as easy as picking up your device speaking into your microphone!

This new chapter of our company presents an opportunity to provide innovation in an otherwise static industry. RentAll is committed to being at the forefront of the construction industry, providing more efficient processes where applicable, while keeping in mind our core values: guaranteeing you availability on all your equipment needs while providing world class customer service.

Learn more about our mobile app here. Feel free to contact us now to request an account and we’ll have your team up and running on our app in no time!