Rentall Mobile App

Introducing the RentAll Construction mobile app

The all-new RentAll Construction mobile app is changing the construction worksite!
The app allows you to:
– Manage your rental items
– Place service calls
– Request pickups
– Create reservations
Experiment with the revolutionary RentAll Voice Control feature which allows you to place orders and manage your rental fleet without having to navigate through buttons.

Download the RentAll app from your app store now!

Gain full control of your rental fleet

Browse equipment catalogue
Place and manage reservations
request equipment off-rent
Place service calls
Quick actions through Rentall Voice Control

Frequently Asked Questions

To request an account, download the app, tap on request an account and fill out the basic information required. A RentAll represenative will then contact you to help you setup your account.

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Yes, simply slide the equipment you’d like to request a service call for and tap on the “service call” button.

Category: Mobile App FAQ

Yes, simply slide the equipment you’d like to request off-rent and tap on “request off-rent”.

Category: Mobile App FAQ

Yes, the RentAll app is complete with our entire equipment catalogue.

Category: Mobile App FAQ

Yes, once you’ve selected one item, you have to option to continue browsing the catalogue to request additional items.

Category: Mobile App FAQ

RentAll Voice Control allows you to take actions quickly and easily through voice recordings.

Category: Mobile App FAQ

Use RentAll Voice Control to quickly place reservation requests or submit service calls on equipment on rent.

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Yes, the account owner can add additional users to the company’s account.

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Navigating the App

Login into the

Making a Reservation Request

View an Upcoming Reservation

Request an Equipment Off Rent

Place a Service

Cancel an Upcoming Reservation

Using the RentAll Voice Control

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